The Waikawa Way

Mission Statement...

Waikawa Bay School is a caring community of learners where everyone matters and children achieve success…

Our Children...
- Will be respectful and connected through people, technologies, cultures and environment.
- Will have sound proficiency in literacy and numeracy and the skills and confidence to think, relate, research, risk take, persevere and reflect. 
- Will have the skills and enthusiasm to be life long learners and contribute in society.

Our Values…
- Self Confidence / Maatauranga
- Respect / Manaakitanga
- Integrity / Manaaki Tanata
- Responsibility / Manaakitanga
- Personal Best / Whai Oranga
- Curiosity / Whai Maatauranga Hei Oranga
- Critical, Creative & Reflective Thinkers / Manatangata